Startup Crossing

Startup Crossing.

Having a website is the barrier to entry in today’s world. If you are an artist, a speaker, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, a consultant, or a … I could go on and on about who needs a website, but the bottom line is YOU do.  It could be used for sales or more simply a point of contact.  A personal resume or portfolio is essential in the twenty first century, and you need it online yesterday.

I know your time is valuable, mine is too, so I won’t mess around with things that you don’t need.  I also do not have an interest in anything that will be impossible to change in the future.  Some of the companies that offer easy to create websites lock you into their overpriced hosting.  You can leave the service, but you can’t take your site with you.  If you ever need a better solution or plan on expanding your business, this puts you in an even worse position than you are in right now without a website.

That said, having an online presence in whatever form is better than nothing at all. Let’s get started to get you online today.